The Jammies Awards

It’s that time of year againGrand Rapids’ largest public slumber party! We at SkipFiction know you are also curious about what local bands’ pajama game is like. Here are our ideas of what these bands (some performing, and some local favorites) would be, if they were pajamas: 

The War & Treaty: The sensual night dress/silky robe that makes you feel sexy as shit even if you’re sleeping alone.

Sojii: The beer stained band tee you fell asleep in last night. Do you have any regrets? You can’t remember.

Bong Mountain: Basketball shorts that have never been played in topped off with an ironic DARE t-shirt. Typical stoner ‘jamas.

Heaters: A Pink Floyd tee drenched with incense paired with high end joggers. Perfect for watching the Wizard of Oz synced up with Dark Side of the Moon.

Lipstick Jodi: The cropped tee and cute shorts you wore to that slumber party to get the straight girl you had a crush on to notice you.

Bigfoot Buffalo: Literally just a cowboy hat. And socks. That’s it.

La Dispute: Old ass long johns with a beanie. Do people wear beanies to bed? Sad boys with La Dispute beanies probably do. (Okay, so they aren’t involved with the Jammies, but wouldn’t it be crazy if they showed up?!)

Oliver Houston: Sweatpants and a Defend Pop Punk shirt. It’s the genre you’ll never grow out of.

Murder Party: That band tee you’ve had since high school that you’ve kept for nostalgic reasons even after realizing all their songs and side-projects sound the same.

WuZee: A thrasher t-shirt and Jordans ’cause you passed out on the couch.

Jake Kershaw: The same Thomas the Tank Engine two-piece you’ve had since you were eight, which probably came with matching slippers.

Blushing Monk: Very elaborate and luxurious matching silk robes, complete with night caps personalized with their initials.

ConvoTronics: Glow in the dark robo onesies, complete with a button-up butt flap.

Major Murphy: Basic pastel pajamas from Urban Outfitters. Looks average, but has that hipster luxury markup.   

Hollywood Makeout: A faded Pet Sounds shirt with sandy shorts from falling asleep at the beach earlier.

Organissimo: Dad pajamas. Plaid pants with a black shirt that reads “Big Dog” so you know who you’re dealing with.

Wicker Basket: Is this a band or some sort of gift upon entry? Is it free pajamas?!? 

Show up and participate in your jammies this Friday, 2/9, at the Intersection and catch a ton of great local music! Doors @ 5:30pm

Find the full line up and event details here. 


Article by John Akers and Andrea Cordes

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