Skipped right over. The artists and creators of the Midwest face a difficult task when trying to expose their craft to the world. Scattered around Detroit and Chicago are a countless number of talented individuals looking to showcase their work. All around us is an untapped wealth of creativity. These musicians, designers, poets, and artists are leaving their imprint and defining the style of our heartland. Their works represent the best parts of our culture.

SkipFiction wants to showcase this scene. We want the world to see everything the “flyover country” has to offer. This blog was developed to support the people who make this area unique.  Made by local artists but built for everyone, we at SkipFiction want to know who you’re listening to, what you’re wearing, and where it’s all happening! Together we can make something all our own.

“If a man raps in the woods, does anybody sign him?”

As an artist myself I know how hard it is to get the exposure we feel that our work deserves. Based out of Grand Rapids Michigan, I’ve seen a lot of kids in the same position. I ask myself why the radio sounds the same when we have  the most diverse acts all share the same local stages. I’ve watched people at open mics that left me picking my jaw up off the floor. SkipFiction is my way of giving back to everyone who inspires me to do what I do, and the fans of anyone who is in my same position.

We thank anyone who participates with the acts on stage.  We celebrate the open minded people who subscribes to our movements. The artists we feature are nothing without an audience like you. We applaud you for keeping it real. Always, SkipFiction.

– Charles Conway


 co-founder / Hip Hop Artist