Michigander returns to The Pyramid Scheme Saturday 6/24
Michigander returns to The Pyramid Scheme Saturday 6/24



“Michigander Is A Band.”


I first saw that simple phrase printed on a shirt when Jason Singer, the man and mind behind Michigander, opened a show at The Pyramid Scheme a few months ago. I’d heard of the band, and heard his debut single “Nineties,” but hadn’t delved too far into his work. I was only there to serve as a local helping hand to the touring bands, but Jason still approached me to introduce himself and get to know me.

He played solo that night, but that didn’t stop him from stealing the show; he sold more merch than the touring band that night, and with good reason. When you see Michigander, you get it all—emotionally driven, high soaring indie rock that will make you want to dance and sing the night away.

Jason returns to The Pyramid Scheme next week for a full-band headlining show, with support from Grand Rapids’ own Watching For Foxes, as well as Rival Summers and Andrew Gulledge.

I had the pleasure of asking Jason a few questions as a way of helping folks get to know him, and get excited for the show.

CD: You recently went out on tour with Flint Eastwood, including a show at the incredible Fischer Building in Detroit. How has that time helped shape your own live performance? Are there any lessons or take-aways from that experience you’ve taken to heart?

JS: Obviously when you get to watch Jax every night you get inspired. I was Inspired to push myself more onstage and give it everything. I think my stage presence has deffo improved.

CD: You recently released a new single, “Fears.” What has fan reception been like?

Reception has been great. It was always sort of fan favorite from the live show because of how anthemic it is. I was really happy to get a solid recording of it.

CD: You have a show coming up next weekend at the Pyramid Scheme with a lineup of all Michigan acts. Did you have any hand in choosing the acts that would play?

JS: Yeah! I chose them all. I always do. All of these bands are friends and it’s nice to finally all play together.

CD: The first single you released was “Nineties,” last year in April, which seems to remain a fan favorite. In that time you’ve already accomplished so much (a tour with Flint Eastwood, landing spots at major festivals including MoPop and SXSW, and opening for acts like Tokyo Police Club and JR JR). How do you feel the band has grown since then?

JS: I constantly think the band is changing. Even the musicians I have play with me have changed. In fact my guitarist, Kyle is leaving to pursue other things after the summer. Which is a bummer. But the band will still go on. The music will still be there.
Things just change, and though it sucks, I’ve sort of learned to stay a few steps ahead so I can avoid any cataclysmic events.

CD: Your lyrics touch a lot on themes of faith and spirituality. How do you feel your own faith influences the way you write songs?

JS: I think my faith is huge part of who I am. So I think that sort of stuff just kind of comes out naturally. I try really hard to make songs that inspire people ya know?
I’m really challenged by people like U2 and Chance who are legitimately making a difference with their platform. Being an artist is mostly selfish. You do what you want, how you want to do it. To not try and spread love, like legit love, is wasteful.
My faith is based on extreme amounts of love.

CD: So far you’ve released a handful of singles. Do you have any ideas about what you’d like to do for a longer release?

JS: I think I’m just going to keep releasing singles. At least until a label comes along and wants to fund an actual record. Singles seem to work really well for me. So I’m going to keep running with it. It’s somewhat different to do that, and I really do love albums. But for where I’m at right now, it’s the best way for me to put out jams.


Love is everything you’ll feel once you’ve had the chance to see Michigander for yourself.

Come to the show, meet the bands, and dance the night away to celebrate a night filled with local art. TIckets are available online and at The Pyramid Scheme for $10.

Check out and purchase Michigander’s music for yourself here: https://michigander.bandcamp.com/

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1770579519921372/

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