FanGirling: The Gatekeeper

“STELLA’S!” Why am I yelling? I’m not. You are. Or, at least you probably have. “Stella’s!” is the thing most shouted at the subject of this week’s fangirl freakout when she’s out and about. Because she’s the face of the place, unofficially. You know her as Roach, the be-dreaded bartender and [Read more...]

Fangirling: The Diatribe

If you haven’t realized by now, I use this space and the social media shares that follow to shout from the pretend rooftops about whichever Grand Rapidian is the most recent object of my obsession. Every once in a while, I get the privilege (and insurmountable task) of writing about my friends. [Read more...]

Fangirling: KFG

Usually when a poet has super-fans it gets really gushy, emotional and uncomfortable. This will be no different, so put on your awkward-shield panty liners and let’s go. Let’s get weird with it. KFG is a poet who makes me forget that sometimes I think poetry is nothing but self-serving pages [Read more...]