The Overtone Opera Ep. 6 – Sport Wolf

On episode 6 of The Overtone Opera, Zach interviews producer Sport Wolf. Sport Wolf talks about some crazy times in Austria getting in to the Austrian cloud rap scene and a long night of partying with local legends. Make sure to catch this episode as Sport Wolf has lived some wild moments! I’m [Read more...]

The Overtone Opera Ep. 4 – Norty

On this week's episode, Zach interviews local producer Norty who produces music solo and is also one half of Obese Ghost Children. Norty tells the incredibly painful story of how he got started in music and making beats. Click play to give it a listen, and tune in next week when Zach sits down with [Read more...]

LOUIS – Everywhere At Once

Grand Rapids, Michigan is a town known for great beer and an entrenched and established local music scene, dominated by veterans with sizable fan bases and audiences;  however matters of scale can’t be ignored.  Despite the fortunate and generally welcoming atmosphere of the local scene, fans and [Read more...]

Radi8er – Local Music, Worldwide.

  Musical sounds and styles are directly influenced by their surrounding environment. The brains behind Radi8er understand this and help music lovers embrace it. The new music platform, created in Grand Rapids, is aiming to revolutionize the way we interact with our local scenes. We sat down [Read more...]