LOUIS – Everywhere At Once

Grand Rapids, Michigan is a town known for great beer and an entrenched and established local music scene, dominated by veterans with sizable fan bases and audiences;  however matters of scale can’t be ignored.  Despite the fortunate and generally welcoming atmosphere of the local scene, fans and [Read more...]

Filthy, Grimy, Beautiful | DJ CHöFF

I’m sitting on the floor of his olive-green living room, failing to combat Bruce the dog’s sloppy kisses. There’s colored Christmas lights strung from one end of the house’s interior to the other, and a neon green totem from Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival shaped like Michigan’s lower [Read more...]

Obese Ghost Children “Spöke”

Post precociousness, used to braggadocios shit / but settled down, once given all my recommended dosages / of hopelessness, supposed to keep the prose so lit / but lubricated haters with my loneliness, the dopest shit – Ceiling Fan Nothing about the Obese Ghost Children is obvious.  In a genre most [Read more...]

Radi8er – Local Music, Worldwide.

  Musical sounds and styles are directly influenced by their surrounding environment. The brains behind Radi8er understand this and help music lovers embrace it. The new music platform, created in Grand Rapids, is aiming to revolutionize the way we interact with our local scenes. We sat down [Read more...]

Jakes Musical Festival

SkipFiction sat down with Tom Scheidel from Jake's Musical Festival to get the full scoop on this great event in which every dollar donated goes directly to fund research to cure Type 1 diabetes.  This year's lineup includes Brother Adams, Charlie Darling, Conway, and many more! Find out what Tom [Read more...]

The Valley Girl – EP

As the synth begins to swell, laying the foundation for “License to Drive”, the first track on Valley Girl’s debut EP, you get the feeling that you have in a theater when the lights darken just as a movie starts. Valley Girl manages to create a deeply theatrical aesthetic throughout their EP, [Read more...]