Whitney Becker: Digital Artist Q&A

Q: Tell me a little bit about the site and some of your work you have been doing? A: My website happened when I realized how I could be putting my skills to use for local artists and entrepreneurs in Grand Rapids. I actually had been doing email marketing and web maintenance previously at my old [Read more...]

From Meade To You

With a drawing talent and a little creativity behind her, Megan Meade transformed an adorable T-Rex doodle into the centerpiece of a brilliant brand. If you ask her “Why a T-Rex?” she will go on to tell you about her obsession with dinosaurs and how she wonders why she didn’t become a [Read more...]

The Scoop on Scoobs

Scoobs and SkipFiction actually go back quite some time. I have been good friends with Scoobs, known by the government as Alex Tomaszewski, since we were roommates in college at Kendall College of Art and Design. Scoobs and I were actually living together when I was developing the branding for [Read more...]