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Romance for Ransom

We sit down with GR locals Romance for Ransom and learn how the band keeps the lights on – and stays sane in the process.

Being in a band can be tough. There’s the need to provide revenue, which more often than not requires the band to play cover gigs – a reliable source of money and practice – but also can be a frustrating distraction from playing the songs a band crafts themselves. In Romance for Ransom‘s case, there are the added difficulties of having a female lead singer – and dealing with superficial comparisons to the nearest group down the block – in this case, Paramore. Through it all, though, the band takes it in stride.

“I just tell them thank you.”, says frontwoman Melissa Dylan, “I know that even if I see that as some sort of like, ‘Great. Way to recognize another female artist who fronted a band’, I know they don’t mean it as a diss. They mean it as a compliment. They enjoy that band, and it reminds them of something they like.”

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They also have a pragmatic view of their cover gigs, with the term ‘necessary evil’ being used by more than one member in the band to describe the practice. Drummer Nick Weller says, “It’s really hard to play just original shows and make money as a band. We have to rent a practice space, we have to continually buy new gear, we have to pay for gas to go to shows.”

These views come from the band members’ experience, both in music and in life. Dylan and bassist Mickers McNally were part of the original lineup, formed in 2012, and had to weather false starts and member changes. They finally rounded out with lead guitarist Chris Bursley in 2014, and bringing on Weller in 2015.

I don’t wanna make money off this, I just wanna have good memories.

Despite the minor turmoil, the band stands resilient, bringing chemistry and levity to their live performances. With new material to be recorded in 2016, these guys, and gal, have a simple goal for their hard work: Have fun. Says Weller, “I don’t wanna make money off this, I just wanna have good memories.”

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Written by: Dom Damron (@Cha_Boa)

Edited by: Becky Spaulding

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