If you are a makeup fanatic like I am, you’ve probably  watched 5 million makeup tutorials on YouTube and stalked beauty influencers’ Instagram accounts trying to find ways to make your everyday makeup pop. Maybe you have a holiday party at work or an ugly sweater get-together coming up at a friend’s house, and you want to stand out! You’re tired of doing the same old simple look, so it’s time to sparkle.

Here are some makeup tips to help you become the beauty guru of the Holiday season!


Equate Baby Powder | MAC Pro Longwear Foundation | Wet n Wild Photofocus Setting Spray | ColourPop “Dream Catcher” Highlight
The foundation that never steers me wrong is my MAC Pro Longwear. It goes very smooth on the face and makes it look very polished. However, there are times when your foundation can make your skin shiny, whether your skin is oily or dry.

A makeup tip that you may have seen on YouTube is to “bake” your skin with a translucent setting powder. If you do not have setting powder, a makeup hack I’ve been using to replace it is Baby Powder! The baby powder absorbs the oils on your skin, preventing it from shine!

If you are like me, you use your setting spray before, during and after you have completed your makeup. I love the way it sets the products into place and it does not feel complete without setting it. There are many setting sprays out there, and if you want a simple one that is inexpensive and gets the job done, try Wet n Wild’s Photofocus Setting Spray!

Is your highlight not as bright as you’d like? I noticed that sometimes my highlight looks dull and doesn’t pop the way it should, especially on camera (What’s a great makeup selfie without your highlight popping?). The key is to spray your highlight brush with your setting spray, and then put your highlight product on there! I use ColourPop’s “Dream Catcher” highlight. The setting spray will bring out the bright pigments within the product, making your highlight more apparent. Your selfies will approve!


Wet n Wild Glitter Shadown | LA Girl Pro Concealer “Natural” | E.L.F. Gel Liner

Sometimes we are afraid of color, especially eye shadow. You don’t want to look ridiculous and glitter never stays on your eyes! Gold glittery eyeshadow is vital for the Holidays! Here are some tips to making sure it stays in place!If you need to find a gold glitter pigment that won’t break your pockets, here is one by Wet n Wild for 99 cents! It feels very soft and again, only 99 cents. You just can’t beat that.

Now, the key to glitter is holding it in place so it won’t rub off! Use a concealer to prime your eyes. LA Girl concealer is only $2.99 at your local beauty supply, and works great as a primer for glittery eyeshadow!

There’s one question that must be asked here: what’s a popping eye look without winged liner? Not one that I know of. Take a gel (or liquid) eyeliner and start at the end of your eye to create the wing, then glide across! The key to making your eye liner even is studying the way you did the first one. E.L.F.’s gel liner will not break your pockets, and will do your liner justice!


MAC “Ruby Woo” Matte Lipstick
I am a complete lipstick junkie, with every color you can think of. However, sometimes I am afraid of red because it is so bright. This year is about to end, and it’s time to get out of your comfort zone! Put that nude away and bring out the red matte lippie! This lippie is called Ruby Woo by MAC, and it is a red that looks good on every skin tone.

It can be difficult to make matte lipstick stay on your face without your lips looking dry, especially bold colors. Take your foundation or concealer brush and dab the leftover product on your lips! It works as a great moisturizer as well as primer.Did you apply your lipstick outside of your lip line? Clean it up with concealer! Use your concealer brush and go along the lines of your lips to clean up any mistakes.

Once you’ve applied your makeup and set your face with setting spray, throw on your best dress, and you’re all set for your holiday festivities! Dare to be bold when wrapping up this year, and don’t forget to use a cute Snapchat filter on your selfies!

By Rachel Martin, December 9, 2016
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