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DJ Choff

I’m sitting on the floor of his olive-green living room, failing to combat Bruce the dog’s sloppy kisses. There’s colored Christmas lights strung from one end of the house’s interior to the other, and a neon green totem from Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival shaped like Michigan’s lower peninsula. Christian Hoffer, also known onstage as DJ CHöFF, notices my confused stare. “Oh, that’s Mitten Man. Mitten Man has a mustache, and he made a lot of friends in Florida.” He laughs and continues doing tricks on his skateboard covered in pizza stickers, claiming the hardest thing to talk about is himself.

I would agree if I weren’t talking to Christian Hoffer, a dynamic individual with a magnetic personality and a world at his fingertips. I’m serious. Get Christian behind a turntable and get ready to be transported into a world of heavy, deep, intelligent beats. On that stage, DJ CHöFF creates music that blossoms from his life experiences.

Everything he does, every place he goes, every person he meets – everything influences and transforms his music.

“Who I am as a person transcends my music and inspires its production.”

Music has always been Christian’s refuge. It influences every aspect of his life because it’s been the single thing that keeps him grounded. The introduction to electronic music was the break into who Christian is today. He loves everything about the scene because it’s filthy, grimy, and beautiful.

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“Electronic music in and of itself is an experience,” says Christian. “There’s a duty when you’re creating electronic music or presenting to a crowd to create this experience. It’s only you up on that stage. It’s my responsibility as an artist to deliver a full show by myself and influence the audience to feel what I feel.”

Hailing from the suburbs of Ann Arbor, Christian started experimenting early on with electronic music with high school friends. They started in their basements, where all superior art originates, on a fifty-dollar controller plugged into a guitar amp. At that time, the EDM scene was still underground. These high school friends were creating connections with their music and blowing minds in their area. They became so successful in that scene that Christian and three others founded BASS WHLF Collective, a collective of artists and who strive for diversity and innovation onstage.

“Over the course of three years, we’ve expanded tenfold,” shines Christian, showing me his collective’s webpage. “BASS WHLF Collective emerged after I decided to get serious about music. We bring the most unique sound and lighting productions to stages across the state.”

On top of co-founding a successful music collective, Christian has evolved exponentially as an individual artist. He went from creating basement sounds to playing clubs and venues in a matter of months. Christian has a vision for his career and he’s achieving it. This Friday, Christian will be opening for Zed’s Dead at Ferris State University’s Turn Up the Good.

“Life just keeps getting better for me,” smiles Christian. “All of my hard work is paying off. I dedicate my time to promotion and production of my music, and now I’m opening for Zed’s Dead. It’s such an amazing opportunity!”

To support this local artist, come out to Big Rapids this Friday and see DJ CHöFF open for Zed’s Dead. More information on this event can be found at To discover more about DJ CHöFF, visit

Chandler Owen is pursuing Public Relations, Music Industry Management, and English Literature at Ferris State University. Her limited spare time is spent crying over David Bowie concerts from 1972 and living vicariously through Agent Scully of the X-Files. She works as a freelance content writer.

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