Fxck Valentine’s Day Recap

Typically Valentine’s day is about chocolates and red roses, but Ajax Stacks and Nych G said fuck that and threw a “Fxck Valentine’s Day Show”. This sounded like my type of Valentine’s Day so I replaced the chocolates and roses with beers and hip hop and spent Vday with High Rise United.

The openers for the night brought energy to the stage and it never came down. K Veen was first up and brought a smooth flow to open and by the end, Veen was turnt!

The crowd felt it too and the tone was set for the night. Veen was followed by Razz Na$-T and if you’ve never seen or heard him before, he is someone you don’t forget. With a unique look he’s got a style of his own and the name Razz Na$-T gets stuck in your head. One peep at the footage and you’ll know who he is. The final opener was Unkey Fonz and he came out with the squad mobbin’! Unkey Fonz came to turn up and he did just that.

Nych G is simply smooth as can be on stage and when you couple that smoothness with a live band like Bedrock, you’re going to get a special performance. Nych G’s melodic flow over Bedrock had everyone at Billy’s Lounge listening intently to the lyrics and Nych can definitely spit it. He had the line of the night and the crowd loved it when he said: “I’m tired, but at the same time I’m feeling inspired my flow dirty like Flint Water I’m Rick Snyder.” Nych may not have the crowd turning up, but he’s got the attention of everyone in the room, from the people up front at the stage and to the people at the back tables still catching every word.


Ajax Stacks, per usual, had the place LIT! He just knows how to put on a show and get the crowd involved. The Ajax Stacks fans were evident from the start with the back and forth and you knew it would be live to the end. For his first song he even brought out fellow High Rise United member Fable and he’s never one to disappoint the Grand Rapids locals. Ajax kept the momentum going from there and with the crowd jumping up and down you could feel the floor give every time they touched down. Luckily the floored never caved in and the Fxck Valentine’s Day show was an instant success.

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