Hop on the Turnips’ Album Release Party Train StopWatchTimeDrop

The Turnips’ album release party train made its second stop at Cranker’s Brewery in Big Rapids with a rousing, kick-ass show last Saturday night. A full house celebrated the release of their second full-length album StopWatchTimeDrop, which dropped (excuse the pun) on the first of January.

The performance stayed true to their roots-based blend of folk, Americana, funk, and jam rock. The Turnips’ eclectic sound uncorked a special set to an otherwise uneventful Big Rapids evening. The engaging dynamic between band members Andy Kirby, Joe Phillion, Josh Wilson, Zach Potter, and Kevin Kozel kept the brewery captivated, with serious funk face washing over the crowd. (In case ya’ll didn’t know, funk face: the expression one gets after listening and feelin’ da funky music.)

I sat down with Joe, the Turnips’ drummer, to discuss the new album and get an inside perspective on the development, creation and execution of StopWatchTimeDrop.

So tell me a little something about Stop Watch Time Drop. What’s the overall theme or motif?

The theme is embracing and adapting to modern technology. Embrace and adapt are really difficult words. They’re easier said than done. It’s not fighting or letting go, it’s embracing reality and adapting to the tide of change.

How does the album reflect this theme of embrace and adapt?

We focused on the effect of modern technology on our reality. The world is so connected and fast-paced, and StopWatchTimeDrop aims to inspire its listeners to live in the moment. Stop and smell the roses. There’s a disconnect technology brought that’s wedged between these moments and our reality. Take a little bit of your life and smile at someone or open the door. It’s the little things. The screen of technology separates people, and our hope is that this album will bring people together.

How does the cover art of StopWatchTimeDrop tie back to its overall theme?

In my previous history of making an album, it’s such a mess to get an artist to create cover art. It’s just a really long process. So we decided to just take it upon ourselves and find a picture from a photographer online. We thought about maybe the Northern Lights, but then we saw this picture. It represented exactly what StopWatchTimeDrops stands for.

How long has this album been under construction?

We had a decent arsenal of music prior to beginning this album, so some songs are new and some are old. We just sat down and said, ‘Hey, it’s been a minute since we released some new music.’ Summer of 2015 was spent hitting festivals pretty hard and touring to get our name out there. But we wanted to sit down and make this new album, which meant not touring as much. We’ve had a ton of talented individuals make this album happen, and it just felt right.

What’s your fav song on the album?

It’s almost an impossible question to answer. I dig a lot of the slower jams. They’re more intense and powerful. But as a drummer it’s fun to play that deep, muddy funk because it gets your blood going. I deviate between the two. I suppose Bon Jon Brovi is my favorite to play. I’m really proud of the whole album, and I feel like that’s rare. It’s become a piece of me, and I love seeing how our writing process has matured and developed.

Author’s Top Picks: {in no particular order}
“Rags to Riches”
“Bon Jon Brovi”
“One Eye Shut”

If you didn’t get a chance to come to the show, the next stop on the album release party train is on January 21st at Rockford Brewing Company in Grand Rapids and January 27th at Old Dog Tavern in Kalamazoo. Find StopWatchTimeDrop on all major streaming platforms. Check out their Facebook page at Facebook.com/TheTurnips or TheTurnipsBand.com for more information and upcoming events.

Written By:  Chandler Owen

Chandler is a music industry management and public relations student at Ferris State University. Her passion for writing and reading led her to add a minor in English literature as well. She can often be seen crying over David Bowie interviews from 1972, watching an ungodly amount of the X-Files, or sticking her nose in Ham on Rye by Charles Bukowski for the hundredth time. Read more of Chandler’s work as she celebrates her voyage through life at chandlerreneeowen.com/blog.

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