Linocuts and Sandbaths; a Look at Andrew Starr’s Album Artwork

On March 16, Andrew Starr and Pansy released their collaborative record SandBath. For the physical versions of their release, they wanted to do something special; custom artwork for their first batch of physical copies. The order is limited to 50 copies.  I talked to Cam Frank of Andrew Starr about these special copies of SandBath.

So Cam [of Andrew Starr], you did something kind of unique with your recent batch of CDs for SandBath. Do you want to tell me a little bit about that?
Yeah! Instead of just getting 200 CDs printed from some website or something I decided to just stick to what I know and do it myself. I started by ordering some recycled sleeves from the internet to hold the CDs sturdy. I then carved a linocut block for the front and back cover. Both of them are an inch bigger than the sleeve. That way I can have each sleeve be a tiny bit different just by where I place the block. the focus is sustainability and individuality. Each CD is a little bit different and features a custom made poster in each one. I wanted everything about this album to be super personal and human.

So each one has custom artwork included? What inspired the various posters designs that you came up with? Was it difficult making them all different from each other?
Each one has custom artwork yeah! We took a normal poster and we’ve been adding different media to each one. Collage, wax, watercolor, you name it. It’s actually only a run of 50 so it’s not too hard to make them all unique.

I also noticed the artwork for the physical album differs from the album artwork that you see on Bandcamp and stuff. What inspired

 that? Are there any similarities between them, or were they intended to be different from one another?
The physical artwork shows the sun setting and the digital artwork shows the world at dusk. The inspiration is still just the individualism thing. You can have a CD or a digital download it they will both be different.

So what inspired the focus on sustainability and individuality?
I’ve always been all about sustainability and what not- my sister is going to school for environmental business so I guess just the idea of doing business like creating CD’s and also being environmentally conscious resonates a lot in my skull. I wanted to try it on a smaller scale and I think I’m doing it alright.

Do you have any other ideas on how you can incorporate the themes of sustainability or individuality into other band stuff, or just your daily life?
As an individual I’ve been trying to reduce the amount of waste I’ve been creating. Just being more conscious of the footprint I’m leaving behind on this earth that will hopefully outlive me… realizing that no one is unique but we’re all individuals.




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