“Mychael With a Y” – Q&A with Mychael Horak


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An interview with Mychael Horak of Grand Rapids own NGMI Studios. Facilitated by Raven Jones.

RJ: You are one half of NGMI Studios, a comprehensive creative agency. Through this project you have your foot in film, make up, photography, and fashion styling, and you’ve worked with people from all over the city, and outside of its borders. What have you learned from this experience?

MH: That anything is possible! I grew up in a really small town where people didn’t really follow their dreams and I wanted to make something of myself. I worked hard every day and it brought me to the city and I continue to chase my dreams every day. It’s a great feeling to know that all of the hard work you do pays off in the end.

RJ: You design bowties, what made you jump into that arena?

MH: I saw male celebrities begin to wear bow ties a few years ago and I really wanted to start to rock the look. I couldn’t find any that I actually liked in stores, so I decided to make my own and it kind of just took off from there. Being able to make bow ties has really helped me with networking because bow ties are a great conversation starter and who doesn’t love that?

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RJ: Where can we buy them?

MH: I’m always selling them around Grand Rapids at local events, but you can also find them on my Etsy store. You can search NGMI Designs or visit my store at ngmidesigns.etsy.com.

RJ: What are your style influences?

MH: I pull from a lot of different areas. I really look at pop culture and see what the celebrities are wearing. Stars like Nicole Richie and Rihanna are always mixing up their looks and I think when you are styling yourself, you should always have fun with it and be daring. Put on different items that don’t typically go together and work it.

RJ: If you could dress any celebrity, who would it be and why?

MH: I would love to dress Nicole Richie because she’s so daring with her looks. She has grown so much as a public figure from a reality star to a high-end designer. Nicole is always taking fashion risks on the red carpet and I would have a blast styling her and being in her presence!

RJ: If you could reinvent any item of clothing, what would it be?

MH: I can’t pick just one item to reinvent; I want to reinvent all of men’s fashion. There aren’t as many styles out there for men to choose from and I want to bring more of a variety to the table. Fashion doesn’t have a gender, so I want to make sure that men have the same amount of looks to choose from that women do.

RJ: What is your style advice for Skip Fiction readers?

MH: Do you. Don’t let other people’s opinions on fashion steer you away from what you want to be wearing or what makes you feel confident. When you’re walking down the street, you might turn heads with your outfit, but if you are walking with confidence people will believe it.


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