Halloween Rebel’s Recap

Halloween's behind us. The candy has long been devoured and our booze dowsed costumes have been thrown away for a heavier winter apparel. In case you missed it, the SkipFiction crew takes a look back at our costume party on Halloween Rebels' Night. Cheap drinks, free food and some incredible [Read more...]

Fangirling: The Diatribe

If you haven’t realized by now, I use this space and the social media shares that follow to shout from the pretend rooftops about whichever Grand Rapidian is the most recent object of my obsession. Every once in a while, I get the privilege (and insurmountable task) of writing about my friends. [Read more...]

Store Launch

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of the SkipFiction store! Grab your gifts for the holidays or treat yourself to something special!! Thank you all again for your support, and as always there is more to coming soon!! SEE FULL STORE

Fangirling: KFG

Usually when a poet has super-fans it gets really gushy, emotional and uncomfortable. This will be no different, so put on your awkward-shield panty liners and let’s go. Let’s get weird with it. KFG is a poet who makes me forget that sometimes I think poetry is nothing but self-serving pages [Read more...]

Da Rocinha 3 – Sango

Sango delivered the hard hitting Da Rocinha 3 earlier today. More than just a beat tape, this project serves as the third installment of Sango's study into the sounds of Brazilian music focusing on baile funk, also known as funk carioca. Sango outdoes himself bending and chopping the unique [Read more...]

IRusH ft. Cory Jones “Way Up”

Turn that volume knob "Way Up" for IRusH's latest club anthem. The Lansing native enlists Cory Jones to create a solid rap/r&b combo for this tune produced by Purps. You'll see more from IRusH very soon as he is set to release the first single from his upcoming EP tomorrow. Follow the links [Read more...]

The Scoop on Scoobs

Scoobs and SkipFiction actually go back quite some time. I have been good friends with Scoobs, known by the government as Alex Tomaszewski, since we were roommates in college at Kendall College of Art and Design. Scoobs and I were actually living together when I was developing the branding for [Read more...]