Fxck Valentine’s Day Recap

Typically Valentine’s day is about chocolates and red roses, but Ajax Stacks and Nych G said fuck that and threw a “Fxck Valentine’s Day Show”. This sounded like my type of Valentine’s Day so I replaced the chocolates and roses with beers and hip hop and spent Vday with High Rise United. The [Read more...]

Hip-Hop & Breakfast Burritos | OSHEA

  As a student in the Music Industry Management program at Ferris State University, outstanding musical talent surrounds me on a daily basis. However, it took finding myself at a grungy dive bar in the twilight of night to truly appreciate the raw talent that my program produces. After an evening [Read more...]

The Instigator of Peace

Lafayette Redd wants better things for Gun Ru, and is willing to be the bad guy to get them. Ask Lafayette Redd, Program Director for The Flex.Net, what sets his radio station apart from the competition, and his answer sounds like a description of the man himself. “We uncut, we do what we want, and [Read more...]

Window Shopper

  Any online shopaholics out there? eBay prowlers? Amazon junkies? Or maybe you’re just a browse-aholic like myself. At any given point in the day I’m probably looking at a piece of guitar-related gear online, my cursor hovering over the “Add to cart” button, either trying to find a little [Read more...]

From Meade To You

With a drawing talent and a little creativity behind her, Megan Meade transformed an adorable T-Rex doodle into the centerpiece of a brilliant brand. If you ask her “Why a T-Rex?” she will go on to tell you about her obsession with dinosaurs and how she wonders why she didn’t become a [Read more...]

CLLNBCK 1 at Moda Fashion Show

  Last Saturday, Kalamazoo based clothing designer Collin Buck took the catwalk ushered behind four models all sporting hand made outfits by the man himself. Bouncing and engaging the crowd to a deliberately chosen A$AP FERG track, Collin was clearly enjoying the moment after closing an [Read more...]

FanGirling: The Gatekeeper

“STELLA’S!” Why am I yelling? I’m not. You are. Or, at least you probably have. “Stella’s!” is the thing most shouted at the subject of this week’s fangirl freakout when she’s out and about. Because she’s the face of the place, unofficially. You know her as Roach, the be-dreaded bartender and [Read more...]