Radi8er – Local Music, Worldwide.


Musical sounds and styles are directly influenced by their surrounding environment. The brains behind Radi8er understand this and help music lovers embrace it. The new music platform, created in Grand Rapids, is aiming to revolutionize the way we interact with our local scenes. We sat down with CEO Jim Czerew and CCO Rob Anthony to hear more about this groundbreaking concept. For both music aficionados, this project has been largely a labor of love. The two have taken it upon themselves to create a new avenue for aspiring artists.  This is accomplished by shaking up the current “top-down” model of music distribution.

Radi8er’s “inside-out” approach to distribution puts the aux cord in the hands of the public. By democratizing music, local bands become more competitive with the major label signees. With the power in our hands, the people get to curate the sounds of their city. Radi8er gives us the ability to easily discover the music that’s coming from our local areas.

With the beta set to launch this week, the new platform already has a long list of acts that have pledged support. The list includes names such as Vox Vidorra, The Crane Wives, The Full Catastrophe, Valentiger, Olivia Mainville & the Aquatic Troupe, Ty Beat, and more. You can show support for Radi8er as they unveil the beta this Wednesday at the Emerge Xcelerate Demo Day.


You can get more information on Radi8er by watching the video above and don’t forget to sign up for the beta version at: www.radi8er.com



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