Red Legs showcase stylized rock on Combative Words EP

By Connor Dirksen

Indie rockers Red Legs come out fists ready to fight with their latest release, Combative Words. “In Hours of Fever” opens the album with a somber, soulful plea for the monster under the bed to stay away, a feeling all too familiar to listeners at the end of a tumultuous year.

The song moves like a hymn, a soft prayer of preparation before the real fight begins. “Punch Back” crashes into focus to recapture the energy the band demonstrates on their last release, 2015’s Influencer. “It’s a senseless attack, honey you be sure to bite back,” vocalist Logan Bailey cautions.

“New Rome” features some of the best drum work, with light percussive elements driving the verses and bigger crashes to bring the soaring chorus to full power. Both songs highlight the festival-style singalong savvy the band has, filled with “whoa, ohs” and airy guitar riffs, all crowd pleasing tactics.

“Surgery” finds the band moving back to their roots as an alternative rock band with less melodic riffs filling out the early sections before blending the old with a little bit of the new. This blend easily proves to be their most versatile song on the EP, with vocals to remind you of Dave Grohl’s as Bailey sings, “No, I’m not dead yet/Stitch me up.”

“Satellite” closes this release, and its placement feels perfect. It stands out as the most powerful track on the short EP. Bailey hits his strongest vocal moments as he sings, “You can be my satellite and guide me home,” capturing the listener’s desire to hear more.

The EP is short and sweet, and its powerful energy hits the right spots for anyone looking for feel-good dance rock. The band demonstrates considerable growth, and leaves room at the end for fans’ eagerness to want more.

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