Sojii Debut Andy Miller-Directed ‘Milksop’ Music Video

Sojii are debuting the music video for their song ‘Milksop,’ off their self-titled debut release. The music video for ‘Milksop’ was directed by Andy Miller of Orange Cap Pictures. We talked to Andy about the collaborative process behind creating their new music video.

“I came to know Sojii through the guys at ANKA,” Andy remembers. Andy was a key player in helping ANKA create music videos for each track off of their latest record. Andy recalls that “Sojii was always down to help.” Andy says “the idea for the visual kind of happened out of nowhere.” Andy says that he and the group were brainstorming ideas and one of the first concepts they came up with was “a guy in a cheerleaders outfit and wig getting chased by cannibals.”

Andy remembers the process of creating the music video as “a fun experience.” Their only real issue was weather. “We worked as the sun was coming down and it was hella cold. Other than that it was smooth sailing,” he says. Andy says that much of the inspiration he gets for doing music videos comes from the bands he works with, and his collaboration with Sojii was no exception. “Anytime I get to create with a genuine band who’s down for the wild and wacky ideas… it all just flows naturally,” he tells me. The advice he offers to anyone making music videos is this: “have fun.” He says that while it sounds “corny,” it’s this approach that “makes me feel like a kid again with the family camcorder making action movies with my friends.”

Check out the music video for ‘Milksop’ below.

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