Submit Creative Writing

We publish creative writing on our website and in our magazine and we would love to showcase your work.

For all creative writing submissons, please send as an email to with the subject line reading “Creative Writing Submission” followed by your name, and write a brief message about your pieces and yourself to accompany your writing. These should be attached as a .doc, .docx, or similar file type.


Submit up to 4 poems at a time. We accept all formats. If you’ve got an experimental piece, we’re sure there’s a way we can publish it. Individual poems should not exceed 5 pages.


Submit up to 2 prose pieces at a time. we encourage fiction, nonfiction, lyric essays, and anything in between. These submissions should conform to a double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins, and common typeface format if possible.


Submit Articles

Want to see your writing appear in SkipFiction? We’re always looking for contributors, regardless of frequency that you want to write. From a one-off op-ed to regular, in-depth storytelling and reporting, we are interested and excited about what you have to say.

Our editorial staff is active and ready to help your writing be the best that it can be while covering the artists we love.

There are no limits on what we will accept in terms of style or word count. We will accept what we feel is fitting for the site, but we are interested in everything from album reviews, to photo essays, to narrative journalism. Don’t be shy, we’re always glad to hear from you. Catch our attention at and include “New Contributor” in the subject. Tell us about your pitch and attach any files of the piece you’re working on. We are available for developmental editing during the writing process if you’re looking for some advice as well.