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Scoobs and SkipFiction actually go back quite some time. I have been good friends with Scoobs, known by the government as Alex Tomaszewski, since we were roommates in college at Kendall College of Art and Design. Scoobs and I were actually living together when I was developing the branding for SkipFiction for an assignment. We have shared countless ideas and discussions about music & design and I have grown a great appreciation for the enthusiasm Scoobs puts toward his work. In recent months, his work has carried him to Los Angeles where he handles the art direction and all designs for national hip hop act KYLE and his Super Duper crew.

I took a moment to catch up with an old friend not only to congratulate him on the gutsy move, but also pick his brain on how he made it all happen.

You’re a hard working dude. Known fact. What is it that fuels all the hours behind the keyboard and colored pencils?

I think it’s a few things – I’m not sure where it comes from exactly, but I have an undying need to be creative. It’s just the way I am, the way I’ve always been. I wake up in the morning and it’s something I HAVE to do, create. Aside from that, fear plays a big role in it as well. I have a lot of goals for myself, and the thought of not accomplishing them eats at me, makes me uncomfortable and angry. I have a really high bar set, and I work tirelessly everyday to continue setting that bar higher.


Scoobs’ design and illustration for SMYLE

Above all else though, it’s family, more specifically my Mom. My mother has always been incredibly supportive and has sacrificed A LOT  to make sure that not only I could follow my dreams, but my two sisters, Ashley and Audrey could follow their dreams as well. One day I’ll pay her back for everything.

What role did Grand Rapids (even Manistee) play in the SCOOBS saga to this point?

Growing up in Manistee sucked. Not going to sugar coat that in the slightest – but it definitely played a really important role, as did Grand Rapids.

Manistee is a really small town, connected by a bridge and like 3 stop lights. Not much to do, very little culture, limited diversity, and it’s populated by a lot of people (not everyone, but a lot) who are very okay with complacency and mediocrity – and that’s me being nice about it. Growing up there pressed me to explore and want more – and thanks to the internet I could escape the bubble that is Manistee…..I was wearing Vlado’s and Jerking in the 11th grade. Pretty sure Manistee still hasn’t figured out what that was.

 Once I graduated, I was out. Truthfully I didn’t care where I went as long as it wasn’t there. Thankfully I ended up in Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids will forever be a place that means a lot to me. Grand Rapids was the first place I was exposed to the environment I had been dreaming of. The culture, the diversity, Grand Rapids has it. Grand Rapids allowed me to have experiences and learn lessons I couldn’t have had via the internet…..and I met the most amazing girl in the world there, I love you Kayla;)

What’s one thing you wish they taught you in art school?

Art school did a great job of instilling a lot of fundamental art and design techniques/knowledge – but what it didn’t cover was any and all aspects of the business side of things, and how important it all is. For me, working the regular 9-5 has never really been an option. I’ve always had a very entrepreneurial spirit, and I think a lot of creative people share that quality. Art school, for me at least, neglected to acknowledge that. I think a lot goes into being a great entrepreneur, and I definitely don’t know all the answers as I’m still learning myself….but knowing what an invoice is is a great start, and I didn’t get that from school.


Scoobs along side the rest of his Super Duper crew

How does SCOOBS’s style instill itself on the rest of the Super Duper Crew?

In tandem with Nolan Smith (Kyle’s Manager) I do all of the art direction and design for Kyle and the rest of SuperDuper©.  Album Covers/Packaging, Single Covers, Stage Design, Websites, Videos, Merch, Flyers, etc. It’s my job to help develop the ideas and bring them to the public in way thats tasteful and refreshing

What’s next for you!?

Just continuing to learn, continuing to improve, continuing to make things I’m proud of.

In the immediate future, there’s a lot planned for 2016. It should hopefully be a fun one! I don’t like jinxing things though, so I’m not going to get to specific here 🙂

Although modest, I’m confident Scoobs has a lot in store for the future. To keep up on all the super duper cool things he’s doing, catch him at:

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