Whitney Becker: Digital Artist Q&A

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Q: Tell me a little bit about the site and some of your work you have been doing?

A: My website happened when I realized how I could be putting my skills to use for local artists and entrepreneurs in Grand Rapids. I actually had been doing email marketing and web maintenance previously at my old job for credit unions. On my website (whitneybecker.com) you can see the marketing solutions I offer, my Etsy shop where I sell vinyl and vintage clothing, and my spotlight page where you can see my latest work featuring Angelea, a live visual artist,  and soon Venson Dix, an inspiring producer. You can also find more inside scoops happening in Grand Rapids.

Q: How does your creative process work and do you have anything especially unique to  your designs?

A: My creative process would involve getting to know the artist and their idea more at a local coffee shop. There is no beginning, I typically just start and it’s hard for me to stop, and then there usually is vinyl playing in the background. I’ve always liked keeping my designs clean, so the point is clear but it’s important to have a catchy design or flow to keep your recipients’ third eye open.

Q: You do a lot of different things; design, email marketing, web maintenance, social media, and even a vinyl shop. Is there one of these things that you most enjoy doing?

A: I really enjoy making people’s dreams come true…Tacky? I don’t care. If it’s helping someone find the vinyl they have been looking for to complete their record collection or a vinyl that has an amazing sample a producer can cook up and make a hit track with, then I’m a happy girl. I have this inspiring momentum for people’s success and think that’s just how it should be in Grand Rapids. I really do love marketing talented people in any way I can. My brain is this continuous ball of inspiration going down a very steep hill.

Q: Who are some people that most influenced you and your design?

A: One particular, Rick Chyme. He was the first person to actually believe in me and inspire me to push the start button on my website. We had coffee one evening, and after sitting there in complete awe he made me realize my worth and full potential. He tends to have that effect on you. For that – I thank him. He has been inspirational to many.


Q: How did you become so involved in the music scene here in Grand Rapids?

A: I have been surrounded by music junkies my whole life. My parents were actually DJ’s back in their day and I honestly think this is how I was engineered by the two: My dad who has been in a band for the past 12+ years, passed me his vinyl collection and record player. He also taught me everything there is to know about computers and had me learning at a very young age. My mother passed me her business skills and creative hat on how to sell basically anything. She is very intelligent and shows extreme passion. They have always taken me to concerts and I started going to more and more music festivals and local shows, then I turned 21 and really saw more shows and you know the story…. The music I followed became a drug. It’s really hard to stay away from when there is this much talent being shoved in my face. From there, I’ve found some amazing people that I knew I wanted to support and help become more successful.

Q: What do you think makes Grand Rapids music, fashion, and art scene so unique?

A: I think this Grand Rapids movement is so unique because there is such variety in music and people striving for the same success. People could disagree but I see the talent in Grand Rapids and these beautiful humans filled with so many ideas, dreams and when I see vintage inventory at the Downtown Market and companies like Rock Paper Scissors, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Not to mention, the hottest event in Grand Rapids that gives exposure to the trendiest producers; The Beat Suite. Our city is finally getting recognized and I’m excited to be a part of everything that is blossoming.


Q: What are your hopes and dreams for everything you are working on?

A: My ultimate dream is to be doing this as my full-time job. I hope to use my skills in a creative way to make these music artists, visual artists, and anyone with an idea profit off their own talents; and when using proper marketing techniques, anything is possible. With your name reaching more and more cities, you’re bound to blow up. I want these artists in Grand Rapids to get the credit they deserve. If I could do this for a full time job and have enough clientele, this would be a dream come true.

Find More From Whitney @ WhitneyBecker.com 



  1. Aurelia Becker

    Such an awesome write up! A great way to spotlight a young, ambitious and ever talented entrepreneur. So proud of you Whitney and your drive! Keep your eye on the prize!! P.s. When can you get going on my website?????

  2. Ryan Nehring

    Super talented young woman and an exceptional supporter of local art! So glad to see her get recognized 🙂

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